I’m Invited

If a woman, or her dependant, would like to meet with you then a Moderator will make contact with you.

Our Moderators are independent professionals. They are all highly experienced at chairing non-confrontational meetings like this and will talk you through what you can expect and how the process works. You can read more about our Moderators here.

The Moderator will also speak to you about what the meeting involves and will then ask you if you are willing to attend.

The purpose of most meetings is to:

  • Create a safe space for the sharing of information
  • Foster trust among all those affected
  • Document experiences
  • Facilitate non-confrontational discussions
  • Provide information in respect of a woman’s experience with CervicalCheck.

The nature of these meetings means that for them to have a meaningful impact they must be of a voluntary nature. Therefore, you have the right to decline. Please note that the meeting may still go ahead in your absence if the requestor wishes it to.

If you choose to attend, the record and attendees of the meeting will be completely confidential. Anything that you say in the meeting is legally protected and cannot be used in any court or professional proceedings.

You can read more about the legal protections that apply to the meetings here.

I’ve been asked to come for support

A woman, or her dependants, may be accompanied to the meeting by a person or people of their choice so that they can offer support throughout the process.

If you have been asked to come as a support person, the Moderator will tell you at the start of the meeting what to expect and what your role is.

The meetings can regulate their own procedures so the Moderator will speak to all parties about what will happen on the day.

It is important to note that the meetings are confidential and you will be asked to respect this confidentiality during and after the meeting. You can read more about the legal protections that apply to any information disclosed in a Restoration of Trust Meeting here

Contact us

If you have any queries please contact us at info@rtm.ie or by using the below form.