Our Facilitator

What is a Facilitator?​

The Facilitator is appointed to carry out and control the business of restoration of trust meetings. They are responsible for receiving applications, as well as recruiting and maintaining a panel of moderators to chair the meetings. Monica Brennan has been appointed as the Facilitator for the Restoration of Trust process.

The Facilitator is completely independent. She has no association with or involvement in the claim or hearing functions of the CervicalCheck Tribunal and cannot assist anyone in relation to that. She does not work for CervicalCheck or the HSE and is appointed independently and separately under the CervicalCheck Tribunal Act 2019.

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Meet Our Facilitator

Monica Brennan

Monica is a qualified barrister with a strong background in alternative dispute resolution. She practised as a barrister for a number of years and achieved a certification in mediation.

Since 2011 she has held independent positions as a mediator, adjudicator and tribunal member with the Residential Tenancies Board dealing with dispute resolution between landlords and tenants. Before taking on the role of Facilitator, she was also an independent investigator in the Office of the Information Commissioner where she was involved in reviewing Freedom of Information decisions made by public bodies.

Monica, after carefully evaluating the needs identified in the Scally report, created the vision and values for Restoration of Trust Meetings that you can see on Our Purpose / Vision page.  She is committed to implementing this vision and these values.

Having been engaged in numerous independent roles in the past, she takes the independent nature of this role very seriously and aims to provide the most effective service that she can for everyone who chooses to participate.
The Faciltators's role

Monica will provide any administrative services, information and advice that a Moderator requires to carry out their functions. 

She will also provide as much information as possible to people who are interested in participating in the process. 

It is important to note that the Facilitator is completely independent in the performance of her functions. The role involves receiving applications and appointing Moderators to the panel and to individual cases.

Confidentiality and Ethics

The Facilitator will maintain absolute confidentiality in relation to the identity of those involved in the process. She will also ensure that any information from a meeting is kept completely confidential.

It is one of her functions to provide some rules to the Moderators that address this and other administrative matters.